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An « airial » is a type of rural property that can be found in the Landes de Gascogne, S-W of France.
A main house and a couple of farming buildings in the middle of a grass covered clearing  in the shade of many centuries-old oaks, surrounded by a full of life huge pine tree forest stretching as far as the eye could see… A peaceful remote place located 25 miles far from the nearest commercial center. This is the place we’re happily living and working in.

No question that the theme of resources and supply is important for us. About manufactured and processed goods, the e-commerce is of great help. But we receive plenty of wild food and raw material we’ve learnt how to draw full benefit from.

We’d preferably reuse second hand wood or work with local wood for our woodcraft and carpentry works.

Renovating interesting old exotic plywood – right click on the picture to enlarge

Along with current iron works, we design and build here steel structures and frames e.g. original sewing machine stands.

Prototype of a compact cylinder bed machine frame – right click on the picture to enlarge

Paints, lacquers and varnish are homemade preferably brush or roller applied to minimize polluting emissions.

Pfaff 335, SMCR special color “pierre de lune” (moonstone) – right click on the picture to enlarge

As for the mechanics part, we would not replace parts that could be restored paying no mind to the time, particularly with ones presenting a special interest (mechanical, historical or aesthetic).

Singer 18-3 (1913) – right click on the picture to enlarge

We’ve brought back to a new active life sewing machines aged between 5 and 106 years, partially or fully reconditioned.
The machines we prepare work perfectly, sometimes better than originally. Our preps make them easier and more pleasant to use for a very long lifetime.

Pfaff 25-10 C/D (1955) – Right click on the picture to enlarge
Mauser Spezial 515-4-26 (1988) – Right click on the picture to enlarge

Along with the ideas of reliability and durability, the care we’re working with make our machines a sensible choice besides the actual productions that electronics integration, production cost control or planned obsolescence weakens.

Dürkopp-Adler 205-370 (2000) – Right click on the picture to enlarge

Each sewing machine, should it be the simplest, offers a great deal of discovery putting a huge smile on our faces: coming from a past, kind of bottles thrown by some mechanics genius in the ocean of time.
Time and care are good friends and maturity brings a special taste to things and to a work too.
We do not do plenty but reasonably speaking, we do a pretty good job, greatly for the passion of doing that we love to share.

Pfaff 335 H2 BS (1965) SMCR special color “pierre de lune” (moonstone). Extra thin exotic plywood table top (see this plywood sanding picture above), hand sealed – right click on the picture to enlarge

Visit us and realise how here, ecology is neither a marketing hook or a trendy notion. Sustainability is the essence of our creativity.

Max & Shed

Naturally, we do not subcontract to any workshop in a nearby low wage country.


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