Complete overhaul * ADLER 205-374 / DÜRKOPP-ADLER 205-370

A stitch in time…

Since over 35 years, the yet legendary ADLER 205-374 / DÜRKOPP-ADLER 205-370 fulfills thousands of users demands all around the world: with her, what you wish is what you get.

The ADLER 205-374 is probably the finest unison feed heavy duty machine ever designed.
Being really tough with high performances, more than others she’s exposed to overuse so, in order to deliver its best, she naturally needs a periodical check up or service.

… save nine !

Skipped stitches, roughness, creaking. Any touble or failure should be thoroughly solved to keep your loyal partner functional, productive and pleasant to operate. This is exactly what an overhaul is performed for.

At MSCR, we love Adler makes and we found it cool to make a full report out of Maryse machine complete overhaul. Should this report be an opportunity to know her better and meet some of her secrets.

This full report in 7 parts is originally written in french but having it translated in any language is very easy!

MSCR blog is originally written in french but its full translation in any language is very easy 🙂
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